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Nadav is the ultimate entrepreneur. Intelligent, energetic, creative, professional, focused, and most important, trustworthy. He is a people’s person with

Haim Dahan
A.S.Y.D. Investments ltd.

Nadav is an entrepreneur with a very broad view who can see the entire board. He knows how and in

I had the honor of working with Nadav and the team throughout the years and I can honestly say that

We have worked with WebPick & Nadav on many different projects over the last decade. They have always been consistent

Nadav is one of the most trustworthy partners I ever had the chance to do business with. His handshake is

Yossi Pereg

I know Nadav for many years, Nadav was a tremendous help for the success of Crossrider at an early stage

The “Familia” at Web-Pick is a long-lasting strategic partner with numerous mutual activities between both Adsology and their crew. A

3 words come to my mind when I think about how to describe Nadav and the WebPick team: Honesty, integrity,

WebPick has an amazing team with a never-ending passion for what they do. They always strive to achieve 110%, which,

If you want to build something great, you should focus on what the change is that you want to make

What makes WebPick special is that they help you carry the weight. They are pure internet professionals and they always

My business philosophy is to only work with people you trust. People with which you have complete faith and don’t

So some people called it work, and others called it home. Felt as though I came to an office to

Sharon Friedman Dor

The thing I liked the most at WebPick is also what’s hardest to reproduce in any other place. That sense

I’ve never seen a workplace with so many fully committed people. So many people dedicated to one cause, giving everything

Working for AdMaven was an adventure. From the first moment, you could see that this is going to be one

I know WebPick for a while and I can say that the people there are always available for you. The

I first met Nadav a decade ago when he founded Comtribute & I was in Babylon. Since then I had

Itai, Noam and the team at Admaven have constantly delivered high-quality traffic which assisted us in scaling our user acquisition

It’s a pleasure working with Nadav and keeping in touch with him, he’s got tremendous experience and knowledge in our

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with WebPick on several occasions. They were always savvy to get the

It was a pleasure working with someone that brings passion, knowledge and work ethic into a workspace while maintaining a

I don’t think there’s a better example of the definition of the words “smart money”. When we got an investment

Tal Grynbaum
Market Group

working with WebPick was both very fun and educating. Very smart and devoted, the WebPick team helped us build an

Admaven’s innovative solutions, tailored approach, and efficient concepts are always combined with professionalism and high-quality Client Service. Team of experts

ReviMedia is very glad to be able to lean on AdMaven as such a strong partner with high performing traffic

Business is better when you work with companies that you can trust. AdMaven is among the most trustworthy companies in

I worked at Installerex from 2013 till 2015 and I can honestly say that from all the places I worked

The time that I worked at WebPick was very significant for me. I grew personally as well as professionally. I

I worked at WebPick for 3 years and this recommendation is a delight for me. I witnessed and experienced so

The things I most loved in WebPick were the exceptional care and consideration the company showed for its people. On

WebPick allows young people to take their first steps in the hi-tech world. They receive a deep and insightful analysis

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of WebPick is how Rewarding the company is. WebPick is

I have been working with the team at WebPick for over 3 years. They have been an integral part of

Adam Barak
ABC Design Studio

I had the most amazing time working at WebPick, 3 years with the best people who became friends for life

They say a company is only as good as the people in it, and for me WebPick is family. Even

For me, WebPick is one big family company. The people and the atmosphere is what makes this place so special,

WebPick was my first role right after my Bachelor degree at IDC, and for me, there was no other place

Michelle Eldan
Dr. Andrei Keidar

WebPick was really like a family for me. A collection of people full of energy and motivation. I loved working

From the moment I stepped in WebPick’s offices, I knew these guys are going to be a part of my

I have had a great experience during my work with the WebPick group. The group has given tremendous help in

In just a few words, the connection with WebPick is like working with family, and that’s the most important thing

Working with Pick is inspiring.

I first worked at WebPickc several years ago, and I was inspired by the tone and style of the brand.

WebPick is where I started, and where I spent an entire 3 amazing years. It is where I met unforgettable

I had some very challenging projects in the past years. Each time I’d always reach out to WebPick and its

I worked at WebPick for 5 years, and in this period, I received most of the tools and capabilities needed

WebPick was my home for 3 and a half years. On my first day there I could already tell this

Being a part of the WebPick family was an amazing and unique experience. I’ve learned so many things about how

I am always truly impressed by AdMaven’s ability to get things done.

Ad-Maven is considered as Phantom.me Most valuable media partner. With its state of the art optimization technology, a fraud-free direct

Being part of Webpick is being part of success with uncompromised goals. It was a pleasure from the start to

For me WebPick was and still is a family, It’s where I really grew professionally and personally, where I made

Working in Web-Pick taught me how admirable leadership, collaboration culture, passionate and talented employees combined with a clear vision and

The thing I loved the most at my time at Webpick is the care and the open-minded. Those qualities led

I worked in Krypton VC for 4 years, and it has been an amazing ride, great people, highly professional and

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Webpick for over 8 years – they’re extremely loyal, honest and trustworthy partners.

For me, Webpick was the place where it all began. Nadav’s ongoing mentorship along with his professional leadership skills allowed