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We Invest.

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WebPick Internet Holdings Builds and Invests in tech startups with solid business models. We provide knowledge, guidance, and tools to empower entrepreneurs, while building strong Friendships and having fun along the way.


Why build separate companies?

Back when we just started, four people working from a cozy living room, we were able to develop quality high-end products in a very short time. After we had started growing and scaling up, as well as recruited the best people in the industry, we still didn’t see the linear growth we were expecting. Instead, we lost something we had with just four people in a cozy living room.

At a certain point, when our first company had exceeded 200 employees and three different product lines, we felt that in order to continue building the best products, we must create separate entities, each with its own autonomy, and founders, so each product line gets the attention it deserves.

We are always working on new and exciting projects, so if you are a Ninja developer… a killer salesman…. or a super analyst, please submit your CV HERE.



WebPick invests in exciting and talented entrepreneurs, especially those who come with solid business models. We mainly invest between Seed and Series A rounds, but we are always willing to hear a good pitch. If you would like us to review your company, please submit it HERE.



At WebPick, friendships are being formed in every corner. When we see Avi from R&D go out for a beer, or play basketball with Asaf from Marketing, we know we did something right.

When we dance at Lidar and Noam’s wedding after they met in WebPick, we know we did something right.

When we see three dogs running around in the Sales department, a rabbit bouncing around in HR, and a partner who just entered our offices and is not sure if he got to WebPick or a zoo, we know we did something right.

When we see that people, who are no longer at WebPick, still keep in touch, hold strong friendships, and come to our parties and Happy Hours, we know we did something right.

When we take a look at the first 15 people that started at Installerex, and find out that 90% of them are either still in the company (as CEOs and founders of companies, or hold management roles in one of our subsidiaries), or just have a strong business/friendship relationship with us, we know we did something right.

And the stories go on…

So if our first expertise is Friendship, our second one is Fun! We believe in working hard and playing even harder! We believe that you need to celebrate every milestone! We believe in YOLO! So be brave! Take risks! Dance! Go crazy! And always stay passionate!